ADMISSION OPEN ( Session 2022-23 )

Examination & Promotion Rules

* A Grading System is followed for evaluating the performance of students from class-Nursery to 5th.
* For Class 6th to 8th, a Student will have to obtain minimum of 33% marks in aggregate and a minimum of 40% marks in each subject.
* For class 11th & 12th, a student will have to obtain a minimum of 33% marks in aggregate as well as in each subject. In subjects which have examination in practical, they are required to obtain 33% marks in both Practical & Theory.
* For promotion to the Next Class, Cumulative Performance of the Student is taken into consideration.
* A student who fails for two consecutive years in the same class or fails twice in three years will be eliminated from the school.
* Progress Report Card will be given to the student at the end of every term. This must be signed by the Parents/Guardians & returned to the class teacher within one week.
* No exemption will be granted for any of the Term Examinations except on Medical Ground.
* Re-Examination can be conducted ( fee of Rs. 200/-.)with the prior permission from Chairman’s office .
* Please note that it is compulsory for the student to attend all these tests and examinations for getting promotion to the higher classes.
* Students have to go according to the divided syllabus meant for the concerned test or examination.
* Marks will be awarded for the following subjects:-English, Hindi, Punjabi, Mathematics, Science and Social Science, Sanskrit.
* Grades will be awarded for the following subjects:- GK, Computer, Physical Education, Art & Craft, Music & Dance etc.


Part I: Academic Performance Scholastic Areas

* Mid Term Examination in September
* Final Term Examination in March

Part II: Co-Scholastic Areas

* Life Skills Thinking, Social and Emotional skills
* Attitudes and values
* Activities- Literary, Creative, Scientific, Aesthetic, Performing Art, skills etc.
* Health & Physical Education Sports, Scouting and Guiding, first aid.
* Yoga, Gymnastics, Swimming, Gardening etc

Note: –
* The evaluation system will be strictly as per the norms and standards prescribed by the Board from time to time. (9 th & 10 th )
* After each term Examination sections will be awarded to the students on behalf of their achieved percentage in the Term Examination.

* No special discussion on this matter