Science is compulsory component of education, however, in the absence of basic practical Knowledge for the study of the subject, it becomes less meaningful and adds to the learner’s boredom.To provide necessary practical input, we have well equipped science labs with audio-visul aid .

1) PHYSICS LAB: State of the art sophisticated science lab having all equipments like 3-D models, Over Head Projectors, Microscopes and physical Balance.
2) CHEMISTRY LAB: Chemistry Lab is fully equipped with water supply & Bio-Gas system. It is also having all the acid salts & Boro Glass equipments.
3) BIOLOGY LAB: Bio-Lab is having all type of 3-D, Skeleton, Forsa & slides of plants, human & animal, microscopes, slides projector and specimen of animals & plants etc.
4) MATHS LAB: Math Lab is fully equipped with 3-D wooden & wire models, charts & all types of measuring equipments.

Music Room

Music is divine and the best medium to develop one’s emotional talents. The school pays special attention to provide all opportunities to the students to learn music via vocal, classical & instrumental classes held at regular intervals.

vans pic


The school has a fleet of 48 buses to provide transportation of up to 50 kms from Budhlada at very nominal rates.


Children park

Our children park is having more than 15 types of swings like See-Saw, Dome Climber, Sliding-Ladder, Tiny-Tot, Boat, Giant Stride and Over Bridge.

Computer lab

Computer literacy leads to multifaceted benefits in the modern world. School has established a fully furnished computer lab equipped with latest multimedia computers,Networking and Internet system.

playway school

Play-way hub

As per C.B.S.E. guidelines; tiny-tots are not to be burdened with books, instead they should learn by play way system.


Yoga & Meditation

Regular training of yoga & meditation to develop concentration for physical, mental & spiritual strength of a child is a globally recognised fact & is beyond all questions.



High-Tech library & Information Center with an Excellent Collection of books from the World Literature like encyclopedias, dictionaries, Reference Books, Mythological & Scientific Fiction are available.


Audio-visual lab

High-tech Audio-Visual lab provides an enchanting experience to learn and develop good command over English Language.



There are many projectors in the labs to provide deep learning with High resolution Videos


Online testing lab

Online labs are made for the students, in which Online tests are taken and the students get the results instantaneously.